Hi Darren,
I'm afraid the problem is a lot bigger than parents and their blind children not taking control. As long as there is a blind person willing to be victimized they will be by their parents, in-laws, spouse, employer, etc. There is always someone out there who is perfectly fine with victimizing someone else they feel they can control, and the only solution is to stand up to it face to face. A few years ago after I got married my wife tried that crap on me, and I stood up to it and told her how things were going to be. You see she grew up in a very strict Christian fundamentalist church, at the time she and I met she had walked away from that, but after we got married she got back into that way of thinking.She decided on her own to "purify" our home by tossing out all of my music cds, which she didn't like, decided unilaterally to throw away any dvds that were not "Godly", etc. I flat out told her not only was she going to go out and get them out of the trash and put them back where they were I made it clear if she ever did something like that again I'd kick her butt to the curb so fast she wouldn't know what hit her, and don't let the door hit her on the butt on the way out. Let's just say she got the message real quick that I wasn't going to sit back while she shoved her religion down my throat and control me like a puppet. We've have had arguments since, but she's never had the guts to try anything quite that drastic again. She knows I meant it when I'd kick her out on the street for it. It is a bit cold, but necessary to maintain my individual rights as a human being.

Darren Harris wrote:
Jees sorry what is it with parents and blind people and them not taking

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