Hello. The text adventure game I wrote has many sign posts which are obvious to some and still present a challenge to others. A person who reviewed the game said that if I had any faults was that I tried too hard to make it easy for the player. yet my beta testers felt that the game gave the player enough choice as to how much hand holding should be done. I guess what it comes down to is that experienced text adventure players will find the way I did my game easy while newbies will find it more difficult so won't mind the sign-post type of style I did the game in.

In many ways, I see MOTA in a similar way. Those who are familiar with this style of game play will find it easier to play, or at least, not difficult for very long, while those who are not used to it, or have struggled with this kind of game play will say this is still too hard and will want more hand-outs.

Take Shades of Doom for example, when I first started playing it, I immediately did the you think you've had it hard so far difficulty. I learned the game on this level so that I could appreciate the challenges. Now I'm at the point where I play on it's a good day to die all the time because I'm used to it. Lone Wolf was another one which I didn't care for at first, but that was only because I didn't take the time to learn it well. Once I did, it became easy and now I can pass just about every mission ever written for it. I even wrote some of my own which some people have liked.

I'm just rambling now so I'll shut up, *smile*.

On 9/30/2009 3:06 PM, Johnny Tai wrote:
Yeah, I can sort of relate to that since I've been building for mud for
years. My first area turned out to be a total failure in the public eye,
even though the design was beautiful, the storyline was strong and the
rewards were good- it got trashed by the imms eventually cause too many
people found it 'not player friendly.'
And you know what, even to this day, three eyars later, I still
disaggree with them cause it was perfectly playable for me and my testers.
And now the shoe's on the other foot with me and MOTA...rofl
"No one ever kicked ass by saying I can't."

Johnny ST Tai


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