Oh, absolutely. It is a lot more personal as I have contact with my customers directly on this list, on the USA Games list, various other accessibility related lists, by phone for tech support calls, etc. As a result I get to know them some and as is to be expected I like some and dislike others on a personal and professional level. It wouldn't be that way if USA Games were a mainstream commercial company. I know that the mainstream game companies have several levels of customer service which are there to handle sales, tech support, and so on. Chances are slim to none that you will get to talk to the developer of game x or to speak to the head of the company. As a result they can afford to do whatever they want, and treat their customers with indifference.

Bryan Peterson wrote:
And of course it's all the more noticeable because we're such a small community. I bet mainstream devs get nasty comments like that all the time but they can just shrug it off because they've probably got lots of folks there who can just hit the delete button or handle the comments however they see fit, whereas we can't necessarily do that. And it's bound to be more discouraging than it would be to a big mainstream developer.

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