Hello everyone. I'm just letting you know that Last Week Before The Wedding version 1.2 has now been released. I've just uploaded LastWeek-1.2.zip to the files section of the aifarchive2 section of yahoogroups. In addition, I've also uploaded it to the Adrift 4.0 section of the AIFCommunity.org site. If there are other places where this game can go for download, feel free to upload it there as long as it's allowed.

Even though a changes list is included inside the game zip archive, I'll post some of the bigger ones here.

* Fixed some problems with not all the magazine stories always being made available when they should have been.

* Fixed some inconsistencies with NPC conversations where the answers to things were not always right depending on what actions you've done or not done.

* Enhanced some of the cheat commands. -- Mainly the cheat which allows you to obtain any object even if you haven't seen it.

* Lastly, probably the biggest change. The grocery store is gone. It was not fair that some of the things you needed to find were things normally found in grocery stores, yet you still told one of the NPCs to go to the grocery store to get those things you couldn't get yourself. I'm talking about toiletry items such as soap, shampoo, and shaving stuff here. So the grocery store, has been morphed into a jewelry store which is located in the mall where jewelry stores can usually be found. All puzzles and game play related to Amanda and the grocery store has been updated accordingly to use the jewelry store instead. The map space formally occupied by the grocery store is now inhabited by a park.

* Because of the grocery store morphing into a jewelry store, the mall has been remodeled a bit. There are now 4 inner quadrants in the mall with the stores surrounding them. This area is the only area which allows diagonal movement in the game. The mall directory has been updated to show you an ASCII type of map of what stores are where.

If you were in the middle of a saved game of version 1.0, it will not work for 1.2 because of the changes I'm afraid. So you would have to start all over. However even though the game has this many changes, the over-all game play style is the same. The changes were mainly done due to the feedback on this list as well as private email, and of course, my beta testers.

Now that this fixed/enhanced version is out, I'm hoping to move onto other game projects.

Thanks to all for your support, and as always, enjoy the game.

Just because I'm hoping to be done with updates, it does not mean I won't answer any game questions in case you are stuck, or in case you find a bug which I forgot to fix.

Raul -- IliwSsmc

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