I have a small problem, ---- well actually a rather large! problem. 

During installation of Java I happened to notice msn explorer was stil on my 
compter. I attempted to remove it in add/remove programs and by mistake removed 
outlook express. 

"no problem" I thought "time for a system restore" 

However, that's when things went very! wrong. 

When windows xp restarted, a random window appeared, then it restarted with a 
default user profile.

After several restarts, another go at a system restore and lots of swearing, I 
read the random window with ms narrator. 

Said random window says: 

" windows cannot load the user's profile but logued you on with the default 
profile for the system. the system has attempted to load or restore a file into 
the registry but the specified file is not in a registry file format" 

Needless to say, this is a baaaaaad! state of affiars, and what's worse, 
outlook express is stil awol! 

Luckily I A, have this laptop to communicate etc with, and B, have backups of 
everything on my external harddrive. 

Stil, the idea of starting everything from scratch on the default profile is 
pretty hiddeus in terms of amount of work, ---- pluss I'm not sure what I'd be 
unable to access from my old user profile. 

Normally, I'd phone dolphin tech support with this sort of issue, but they're 
not open at weakends, and I'd prefer this fixed Asap. 

while I know this isn't a tech support list, I'd really! appreciate some help 
from some of the cleverer people here so as to get this sorted out. 

If people would prefer to take this off list, just E-mail me on d...@xgam.org. 

Any help much and distinctly appreciated. 

Btw, as I said, I'm using windows xp. Luckily hal, ---- though not my 
individual settings or installs of dolphin orphius, is accessible from the 
default profile, so poking around windows will at least be possible. 

sorry again for this, ---- but I am rather stuck here. 

all the best, 

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