Hi Dark,
Well, your problem isn't multiple user accounts. I use several on my systems with out issue. The root and source of your problems is the Windows registry. Which, as it happens, is one of the major problems with Windows in general. One major feature that sets Windows apart from FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OS is the registry. All of the default settings for programs are stored in a central registry, and as a result if your registry gets damaged, as it often does, it can easily bring down the entire operating system with it. One way to prevent this from happening is to purchase and regularly use a registry repair tool such as Registry Mechanic that performs weekly repairs on the Registry. If you don't the results can be extremely desasterous indeed. So one thing I would ask you is do you have a registry repair tool, and do you use it regularly if you do? If you don't I highly suggest, recommend, that you find and purchase one for use in the future. Your Windows OS will operate much better if you perform regular repairs on the registry.


dark wrote:
Well, I certainly know where to get a spare xp install cd if I need one, ---- my mum has one and apparently my friend who's a software designer can get them easily from his work.

thanks for the advise about Ie Tristan, ---- but my main concern is the system restore business.

That default accout seems to let me access practically everything on my pc, and thus I was able to back up the last two weeks worth of stuff sinse I last backed up.

sinse though it sounds as if it's a registry problem with that user account, I'm wondering if it might be possible to just delete that account and using the default, create a new one.

User accounts are pretty much the spawm of satan I happen to think, sinse every single major problem i'm had with a computer has involved errors with them.

why you can't just disable the bloody thing!

While a complete reformat wouldn't be a desaster, ---- even if my pc had literally exploded! it wouldn't have been a desaster, as I backup regularly, I'd just rather save all the reconfiguring and reinstalling if I possibly can, ---- not to mention having to pester various developers and companies for extra registration keys.

That's why I hope it can be more easily fixed.

Beware the Grue!


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