Hi, everyone.

I've recently downloaded a free game I hadn't played before called Chopper 
Challenge, from ex-xite interactive.  If anyone's unfamiliar with it, it's a 
space invader's type game whereby you shoot at a copter man type thing, and 
avoid his bombs. The object of the game is to stay alive for ten minutes, and 
rack up as many points as possible, on three difficulty levels.  You have 
health points, you start with 100, and if you get hit by a bomb, these decrease 
to the point that if you get zero, the copter man successfully marks your card 
and blows you to blazes!  Now it should follow that, if you have a good number 
of health points, a good number of points, and are still alive at the end of 
ten minutes, Copter man should bite the dust. Except he often doesn't, he 
destroys you, for what reason I cannot fathom!  Also, it will sometimes happen 
during the game, that, though I have plenty of health points, Copter man will 
suddenly take it into his head to end things and destroy me.

Now, am I missing something here, I've read through the readme, and can't find 
any reason for this to happen. Because if I'm not missing something, I'm here 
to tell you, this is getting on my last nerve! Is anyone else having this kind 
of problem with this game? If the person who wrote it is reading this, perhaps 
you could enlighten me as to why this happens. It is, in the main, a great 
game, or I'd have just said to heck with it, buggy game, and consigned it to 
the recycling bin in the sky, but I like the game, and would like to know why 
this is happening, and if it's fixable.  Thanks very much for any help anyone 
can give me.

Best to all my fellow gamers.

Lulu Keel.
Now faith, hope, love abide, these three.  But the greatest of these is love.
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