I've been having words on the Ce forum. One of the several devs has stated yes, 
they want to make the game more accessible, but they would like a priorities 
list so as to know what is absoltuely vital, ---- and what can be done later 

What do people think? 

My own list goes 1: text labling of the threat wrating of ships on the scan 
screen before battle (I keep running into things which are waaaay too tough for 
me and having to leg it). 

2: a filter for the screen on San galan in the Descarte system where you can 
view and fulfill player contracts for items. Right now it shows all! contracts, 
whether you've got that item or not, and when you're looking through a list of 
100 odd contracts for the one or two which is for the item you actually have in 
stock it can be a right pest!

3: LAbeling of misc game images, such as the equipment screen. This is 
perfectly useable as is, but it'd be nice to actually have "full weapon slot" 
to click on rather than a  long http address. This is imho more aesthetic than 
necessary though. 

That's my thoughts, ---- what do other people wrecking? 

Beware the gRue! 

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