Commercial storage and commercial transport are absolute necessities in game. It's easy to overlook them, but they're a great way of storing large quantities of items.

for getting ore, ---- you have three principle options. You can buy either a mining drone or ore extractor.

Extracting will cost you some Ip to get the survey points and it takes a litle upkeep, but you can get some good resources this way, ---- even with a low level, such as special ores from planets like Sassion or Sephira which cell at a prophit, ---- and are also needed on npc missions.

Mining drones are good too if you can afford them, ---- though obviously they only mine bog standard ore. Passenger transport is a fantastic way of making money if you don't mind expending quite a lot of fuel, ---- while the cabin is initially expensive, you earn the money back in no time.

Also, taking combat missions and selling the loot is good too. if you aime for ships like Darts and barbs, and avoid any ship class that isn't a pirate you should be okay, ---- and you can always run away if the enemy is too strong! (though this will no longer be necessary once the threat rating is labled), you can make betwene 5 and 20 K for a full hold of loot, ---- even just selling it to jo.

Lastly, chatting really! helps, it's great for filling small resource contracts for missions, (you could possibly find someone to sell you the ore), also people are very helpful, ---- nd even occasionally buy things at great prices.

the other day, someone bought 50 units of Sassion ore from me for 50 k! it's normal only 20 creddits a unit.

when I asked, said person just said they had money to burn and couldn't be bothered with the extraction, but had seen my extractor on sassion the previous day pulling in the ore.

right now i'm on 380 K and just debating which order to buy a shield, passenger cabin upgrade, and shield repare unit in.


Beware the grue!


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