Hey gang,
  Blind Adrenaline is proud to announce that our online version of blackjack 
is out of beta and ready for action.
  If you have played our card games before, you know a lot of time is spent 
getting the interface just right, so play is quick and smooth on the 
dedicated server.
  Since blackjack is my favorite casino game to play in the real world, I 
wanted to do it justice for online play, and playing against the computer 
can get kind of boring after a while, so I came up with a way to play 
against your friends and enemies with a style of play called Blackjack 
  Basically the way burnout works is that you set a round time limit when 
you create your table, say 5 minutes for example.
  Each player puts up an entry fee determined by the table creator, this fee 
goes into a pot that is split by the top finishers of the burnout.
  When the round time limit is up, the player with the lowest amount of 
chips is out of the game.
  This leads to some very interesting money management strategy. Do you play 
it safe and hope the other players lose money, or go for it and pray for 
good cards?
  We've had a lot of fun with this one in beta testing, and folks really 
seem to like it so far, it is definately a unique experience in online game 
  Blind Adrenaline also offers these other online card games:
  Hold em
  Draw poker
  And technically, we now offer roulette, which is played to reset your chip 
count if you bust out in blackjack.  I didn't want to make this a main game, 
as it is ok for a little while, but doesn't hold ones interest for very 
long, which makes it a great game for resetting chip counts.
  Anyhow, come check it out, we've got a great community of folks playing 
pretty much around the clock, so finding some online action is a breeze.
  You get a two week free trial when you first sign up, after that it is 
$3.95 a month to play all our games.
  Finally, we're gonna be holding some tournaments soon for some cool 
prizes, I'll update the list when we start registration for this.
  Hope to see you on the tables soon,
  Oh, and if you respond to this message, be kind and delete the original, 
so we stay under the minimum email size for the list, thanks.
  Che(pronounced shay, despite what jaws thinks)
  Blind Adrenaline Simulations
  Games by one of us, for all of us. 
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