Exactly clement, ---- i missed both the game series you mention too ;D.

to take a basic and simple example of features, --- - there's aiming.

In many 80's games there wasn't an aiming option, ---- in fact in original montizumas return there weren't even useabnle weapons, ---- just items which would instantly kill an enemy when you touched them rather like packman's power pills.

As side scrollers evolved however, more aiming options came in.

Super metroid for instance featured an eigh way aiming system, ---- thus to kill things above you instead of jumping and firing you could aim at an upward angle, ---- or even stand undernieth them and shoot skywards.

the turrican games featured a surround laser which you could whirl around your character in 360 degrees, ---- taking enemeis out at all angles. Super castlevania featured a whip, which you could swing or flick in eight directions, quickly or slowly, ---- and flail around to hit things in betwene.

There are just as many aiming options in side scrollers as in fps games.

Thus, we can have a side scroller, ---- and! have complex combat with aiming too.

this is just one example, there are many more I could think of to cover hosts of in game features.

Beware the grue!

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Hi Tom.

Came in a bit late here, and I really don't know what my opinion is going to mean. But here it is.

I'm young. I'm 17, and the first console I ever touched was a super nintendo.I haven't had the true xperience of playing sidescrollers from the 80s. The few I do play are mostly emulated. However, this is short so I'l make it that. I admire what you're doing, and I think the game s turning out to be a great one, despite the fact that you and some of s on the list might not like the direction. However, as Dark said, there are a lot of shoters that are also side-scrollers. Bionic Cmando, metal slug to name a couple. Bionic commando is similar o mota, at least it oked it wen I thought back. As to what I think, I personally like the bit of mix between hte tw styles. ----- Original Message -----

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