Hi Dark,
Yeah, i do know most of the side-scrollers you mentioned did evolve, add save game features, random enemies, random items, etc. You might say that it was inevitable to keep some of those game series going. I don't necessarily have a problem with those features. It has more to do with the fact I've been put directly between the rock and the hard place. You got a few people on one side that are still complaining they didn't get the game they wantd or ordered. You have people on the other side who would rather I make an FPS game instead. Then, there are a lot like you who are asking me to keep the game exactly as it is. So as a developer I need to know where everybody stands on this issue so i can just create the game and get it done. As for me personally I'm not a fan of going back to a classic side-scroller at all. there are too many good features that would be lost by doing so. I'd certainly prefer an FPS game myself, but I could live with creating the game as it is provided I'm not getting zillions of requests wanting this, that, and the other thing too. I just want to get it done and over with.

dark wrote:
Tom, I ask you one symple question.

Why is it you associate the side scrolling 2D perspective only with 1980's arcade style gameplay, and features such as key and door puzles, traps, bosses etc with fps.

In the 90's, the side scrolling genre matured and changed from the point scoring fests they were, into something else entirely.

Games like the Mega man, Metroid and castlevania series, the later mario offerings on the Snes such as super Marrio world, and games like Donkey Kong country, ---- not to mention more modern continuations of those series' on the Gba, pluss games like Astroboy which are entirely original.

All are side scrollers. This in no way stops them from being complex, deeply interesting games a long way from the likes of the original montizuma's revenge. Many do not feature a scoring system at all, have complex traps and mazes for the player, puzles to solve, and a huge variety of enemies, ---- both miner and major to fight.

In audio, we already have many 80's rack up score style games, and I would be against having another. Why however, does this mean we have to automatically make the game a 3D fps affair?

What is wrong with Mota continuing along the lines it has been, ---- developing into an audio evolution of the side scrolling genre, a complex 2D game similar to those mentioned above.

this is a genre I've had hours of fun with over the years, and would love to see translate into audio, as audio 2D has considderable potential which has been untapped.

Perhaps it is not the 80's side scroller or complete fps game you were invisioning, ---- just like the series mentioned above, it evolved.

But this is not to my mind a bad thing, ---- quite the opposite. While I'm deeply sorry you aren't a fan of the game's current direction, speaking as a player I certainly am, and would very much like it to continue as it is, and become the first complex 2D adventure in audio ever produced.

i feel quite strongly on this matter! while i wouldn't be against the fps idea, I equally think something very valuable in Mota would be lost.

We already have some great first person titles, ---- why not explore another avinue?

All the best,


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