Hi Dark,

That happens to me from time to time too, but I do have very good spacial orientation skills which is a huge plus in my favor. As a result I generally don't have a lot of problems getting around the levels in Monkey Business. One reason I believe I am so good at Monkey Business, Sarah, or Shades of Doom, is even though I'm totally blind now I still think like a sighted person. I'm able to see the level in my head and put doors, items, staircases, whatever in their proper relationship to each other. I'm able to see an entire level like a 2d map with this or that to the south, this or that to the east, something else is west of here, etc.

So from what you and Scott both have said I gather blind people generally don't think like this. They think of an area not as a whole, but only in terms from getting from one landmark to the next. This is completely foreign to me, and would be for anyone who has been sighted for very long. This sounds to me like a very big difference in perception from a sighted person's point of view of the world and a blind person's point of view of the world. If so that would explain why I don't have problems getting around games like Shades of Doom, and why so many others can't make heads or tails out of the mazes. They litterally have no sense of depth, shape, and how things relate to one another in the real world.

dark wrote:
I love the sound effects and environmnet of the game too, ---- I just find the unprecise nature of the game's navigation features rather gets on my nerves.

there's personally nothing more annoying than hereing an object beacon, walking towards it only to walk past, then attempting to find it only to realize it's on the other side of some complicated wall Terrain.

I admit though, my senses of both space and navigation are pretty abyssmal, ---- even in real life (I remember all my routes by land marks, not by any sort of relations betwene the places I'm going), which is probably why i personally need such a handy navigation system as the one in the Gma engine and terraformers.

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