Hi Phil,
Yeah, I do know when I was learning Shades of Doom saving the level as a braille map and printing it out did help me a lot in getting a view of the level. Unfortunately, braille printers are expensive and very fiew blind people I know have one. So that is one reason I never added a braille mapping feature. Besides that when I do begin creating full 3d FPS games I'm not quite sure how I could indicate that room x is above room y unless I have two maps showing the level floor by floor, but then the relationship between the two floors is probably lost.


Phil Vlasak wrote:
Hi Thomas,
Many people have problems in mazes.
Some people do not know their left hand from their right as no one taught them when they were young. They just see something and grab it with the nearest hand to it, not thinking it is on the left or right of them. Or when they are looking at you and you ask for directions, they will give you the direction they would go even though it is opposite the way you need to go. Many people could not say which way is east if they are facing north as they never looked at a map.
With blindness, these tendencies may be worse.
That is why we encouraged people to make maps of a game level with something like push pins on a pizza box. And why the Seeing Eye and the NLS have 3D wooden maps of their floors with brail or talking indicators to locate where you are.

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