Have just sort of finished off putting together my small piece of software to manage a character sheet for a version of role playing called RuneQuest:

It's basically a different version of dungeons and dragons FWIW, and my app is only really made to let me do better than using my laptop to edit a text file, along with a small dice rolling app I made before, but it basically builds a sort of dynamic interface based on an XML character data sheet, and I suppose could also be used easily enough, without too much modification to just carry out a form of info management since it literally builds the user interface based on the data in the XML text file, but is a little focused on the role playing functionality in that, for example, the dice rolling functionality is hard coded into it, although the various dice rolling ranges/options are also populated from a separate XML file to allow editing when not in the development environment.

Anyway, this bit of software lets you load new blank characters, edit the info including adding categories of information, editing these categories, and items and then lets you save the character sheets for future reference/reuse etc.

It's done in newish microsoft technology - .Net framework 3.5 development environment, so might need an up to date computer to use it, but runs fine on both my XP home work machine as well as my windows 7 work machine, but they both have the development software installed on them, and I haven't gotten around to putting together any form of installation package as of yet since literally finished it off around 20 minutes ago - currently around 2AM Sunday morning this side, but thought might as well post a message here to find out if anyone would be interested in something like this at all.

Also, while the interface is meant to also be usable/useful for sighted people, I haven't yet had a sighted person try it out for me to see how the dynamic interface generation affects the look/feel/layout of it, since didn't do too much general windows development in the old days either, but it works fine for me along with both jaws and NVDA, but suppose might not look too good for a sightie...LOL! (did try use things like window width percentages to try do what I think should look alright, but in the old days when could see mostly worked on webpages anyway)

It also sort of implements a tiny bit of re-use of your screenreader/MS TTS voices to say things sometimes, but, the primary one you might notice is that when it's loaded it'll initially tell you the name of the character spoken even if you run a screen reader or not.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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