Hi Listers,
At this time my status as a list moderator has not been officially decided. However, my fellow moderator, Raul, hopes that I would stay on as list moderator until Kevin says otherwise. So at this time I am still one of the list's moderators, and you should treat me as one regardless of your personal feelings of my credibility or not. Since the subject of credibility has come up I have this to say. As a list moderator I have a duty to follow and carry out the list guidelines, the rules for this list, regardless of my personal feelings on piracy, copyright law, etc. So if someone does break the rules, posts pirated material to this list, my duty is to bust that person, and I certainly will. It is my job to do so according to this list's guidelines written by Kevin, Raul, and myself. It is something we all agreed upon when we took over the management of this list. Since all of the list moderators are in agreement on that point it won't matter in the long run if that person takes me seriously, claims I have no credibility, etc I can simply turn his case over to Kevin or Raul and he will get exactly the same punishment from them as he would receive from myself. I will remind you here of what the list guidelines say regarding this matter. If you believe that a moderator's decision is unjust you can appeal to the other list moderator or to the list owner, Kevin, and he will decide if the decision was just or unjust. So if my decision is just, it is completely according to the list guidelines, it will stand regardless of my credibility. So keep that in mind before you continue to say things like "Thomas has no credibility. He has no business busting someone for piracy on this list." Weather I do or I don't have any credibility or the right to do what you say my fellow moderators do. If I do exactly as they would do in the exact same situation the decision stands regardless of your opinion of what rights I now do and don't have. Since I have not been officially been removed as a list moderator I still hold all of the rights I held before. So let's drop any and all topics regarding piracy, discussion of what I should of, could of, would of done and get back to gaming.


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