Hi Charles,
In my personal opinion a really good game has elements of all three. First, a good game needs a decent plot, interesting characters, and an interesting underlying quest otherwise there is nothing to capture the game's imagination and interest to try the game. Second, the game has to be fun and challenging enough to maintain and hold the game's interest in the game. Lastly adding high quality sound effects and music adds to the games over all ambiance. Good sounds should add a bit of realism to the virtual world, and good music should set the mood. I know that you and several others have stated that you really don't have any big interest in music in games because you turn it off. For me, though, adding music to a game does a lot to improve the games over all ambiance and mood. In some cases like the Tomb Raider games there are plenty of people, myself included, that feel the game's soundtrack is as important and of interest as the game itself. I've wripped a number of Tomb Raider music tracks myself and loaded them on my mp3 player for casual listening. I know when I create a game I think of it as a sort of interactive movie. That's probably why FPS apeals to me as it is much more realistic than other styles of games. Since I think of it as a movie I like to add drama such as music, cd quality sound effects, and a big movie type plot. I'd even do cutscenes if i could afford them.

Charles Rivard wrote:
To me, the plot and the way a game is played is more important than how it sounds, to a point. For example, and this is strictly a personal opinion, a game can be one of the best games on the market as far as content, but has lousy sounding music. It doesn't matter to me, because I usually play games with no music because I like to concentrate more on the game. Then again, if the sounds of the action or the results of my character manipulation are not good, it would detract from my enjoyment of the game. If Mota's game sounds were sounding as though they were being played through a tiny transistor radio with low batteries or poor reception rather than how they currently do, I would not like the game nearly as much as I do, even though it is a great game as it is, and I know it will be even better when distributed.
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