Hi Dark,
Personally, I think cheat codes should only be generated after the player has completed the game normally first. One reason I feel that way is for the fact there are those types of cheaters who never play a game without cheat codes, and have the audacity to say the game was too easy, boring, whatever. Even though the game was not intended to be played that way to begin with. Such types should be forced to fight for their cheat codes which could be offered as a type of reward for playing it once through normally.

dark wrote:
i personally use cheat codes more in mainstream games than in audio games, ---- and usually either to compensate for a sight problem, or lack of a particular feature.

I for instance use level select or skip codes in many Snes games to serve the function that passwords and saves serve later, ---- ie, letting me start from the same level i died on.

I've never done this in an audio game though, sinse audiogames are usually either pre-built with save features, or so short as to make them unnecessary.

In mainstream games I also sometimes use unlimited time cheats because it takes longer to view the screen for me, --- but again, this doesn't apply in audio games.

I sometimes like cheat weapon codes for novelty, ---- especially when that weapon is a weerd one which doesn't appear in the game, ---- though I usually complete the game streight first, and I prefer such weapon codes to be given as a secret after I've completed the game normally like the flamethrower in pipe2.

I haven't met an audio game that I've actively desired a cheat for, sinse most have sufficiently balanced difficulty and saving features for me not to want one, ---- though I enjoy them as an ulockable reward or something to play with later on.

The only time I'd say cheats are a really bad thing, is when people just put in an infinite lives or energy cheat and skim right through from end to end, then shelve the game and never play it again. Cheat codes however, are good for people who are frustrated with a given game and when the choice is cheat or forget it, ---- cheating is better.

I've done that myself in both mainstream games and some interactive fiction titles with impossible puzles.

Just my thoughts here, ---- anyone is free to disagree.

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