Although I am not a moderator, I feel like posing a kind request please
to change the subject line.
I  am sure everybody will agree that core-exiles and mota8 are 2 vastly
different games and therefore 2 vastly different topics.
Many thanks

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Hello Dark,

I am on core-exiles as of two days ago. I am now at level 5 and still 
working my way through the initial missions. I am running Jaws V. 10 on 
Windows Vista Office and am not experiencing the problems with the web 
interface which you have discussed here. When I use the scan area, jaws 
sorts the table out properly. So, after each bit of ship information, 
the first button is view which allows you to see specific breakdown of 
shields, armor, hull points, number of weapons and tunnage, and finally 
the speed of the ship. Then, there is a button labeled engage. Or, you 
can just hit the attack button. Both buttons are right after the ship 
description and quite easy to find. Note: I am using Internet Explorer 
because I could not get Firefox to interact properly with the game.

The only work-around which I need to do is press control-enter any time 
a link opens a new window. If I do not manually initiate the new window 
call, the link will not activate.

Try downloading the demo of Jaws and playing the game in a 40 minute 
slice and see if you still have the same problems with the web 
interface. It is a very addicting game.

By the way, my captain name is Mystic in the game.

David Chittenden, MS, CRC, MRCAA

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