Hi Charles,
Thanks. Anyone who works in customer service or has any dealing with the general public would understand my frustration easy enough. Those who haven't worked with the public on a daily basis have no idea how stressful it can get. Just for example a few years ago my mom was working for the local Wal-Mart photo department. She use to come home and tell me stories of how rude, unsympathetic, pushy, and down right irritating the customers would be. When it was Christmas time the customers seamed to act like the Wal-Mart employees were their slaves. A case in point. As you know the Wal-Mart photo department says they are a one hour photo. however, that is for business as usual traffic. That doesn't mean they can necessarily get your film done in one hour the day after Christmas after half the people in town just rushed in dropped their film off at the front counter, and every single person expecting their film done in exactly one hour. Regardless of this that's exactly what happened while my mom was working their. Here she is, the day after Christmas, working the counter for the Wal-Mart photo counter. all day long there were customers dropping off film left and right. So many in fact that they were lined up, in line, waiting to drop off their film or pick it up. In other words it was crowded. That didn't seam to register with some people though. Pretty soon people showed up in exactly one hour, and wanted to know why in bloody heck their film wasn't done. My mom would explain to them they had a back log of over a hundred film drop offs and they were working as fast as they can to catch up. This one customer began cussing and screaming, right there in the store, threatening to sue her and Wal-Mart, wanted his money back plus the developed film, you get the general idea. It was all about what he wanted, and it was the adult version of a child going, "I want this right now, now, now!" I'd like to say that situation was unique, but it wasn't. For the two years she worked there she encountered her share of angry upset customers who got bent out of shape over everything and anything they didn't agree with. Some just walked in and acted like they had a stick up their butts, and it was their God given right to take it out on the Wal-mart employees. As a game developer I'm not immune from that same kind of irritating, childish, behavior. It simply comes from those people, for whatever reason, believe everyone should bend over and kiss their butts. That the world serves them, and because they pre-ordered a game they are now my lord and master. Such people are a dime a dozen, and it does get tiring to hear them rant about what I may or may not owe them.


Charles Rivard wrote:
You have apparently never had to deal with the frustration he has described so many times in his posts dealing with the production of MOTA. People want this. People want that. They don't want this. They don't want that. When's the game going to be out? Where's my unlock key? Why is it taking so long to get the game that I bought so darned long ago? Some want an eighties-style game as they were promised, while others want a more modern, even a 3D game instead. If one is produced, the other side's not going to be pleased, and vise versa. He is only human, and burnout is extremely understandable, given the frustration, irritation, and time he has spent on a game that isn't turning out to be the game he originally planned or the game he wants to produce.

Now that you're off your soap box, try producing a game like Mota under the conditions and pressure he has had to deal with and maybe you'll be able to see it from his side of the coin. If you can do a better job, I'll get off of my soap box, but not until then. By the way, I'm stating this as nicely as I can, rather than the way I would like to. Thanks.

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