Hi Dark,
Lol! Please, tell me your joking. That's absolutely hilarious. "I've got my keyboard. The wooden board I hang my keys on." That one needs to go down as one of the greatest computer stupidity lines ever.

dark wrote:
Oh but Tom, ---- i've ordered Mota, ---- therefore I as your lord and master here by command you to polish my boots!


Rather reminds me of a friend of mine who worked for a while as a tech support assistant for the government m.o.t. service and was regularly phoned by baffled mechanics who, ----- while perfectly happy fixing cars, couldn't make head nor tale of a computer, ---- much less a government registration system (and with the Uk government I couldn't honestly blame them).

He for instance got one call which opend with an angry cornish mechanic (think Hagrid), saying "oym gonna take that computerr, oym gonna put it ootside, and oym gonna run it overr with moy vaaaan!"

on another occasion the conversation went thus:

Mechanic: "I can't logue in to this thing"

"my friend: "well, ---- have you typed your password"

Mechanic: "typed where?"

My friend: "----- Well, in the box on screen, ---- just type your password and press enter"

"mechanic: "enter?"

my friend: "Get your keyboard ----"

"Mechanic: "My keyboard? ---- are you sure? ----"

"my friend: "yes, ---- just get your keyboard"

mechanic: "okay, ---- but i don't think it would help"

there then followed an interval of mysteriously ominous clanking noises.

Mechanic: "well I've got it, ---- what now"

my friend: (in great suspicion),"What exactly have you got there"

Mechanic: "my keyboard, ---- the wooden board I hang my keys on!"

Beware the Grue!

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