to deal with this problem, I have a program called image for dos and image for windows which I use to back up my machine. The last time I reinstalled windows was well over a year ago.
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And of course if you're an average computer user like me you have to be really careful about messing around in system registry. I've crippled a fair few operating systems in my time without realizing what I was doing. Had to have my dad come over and reinstall the whole OS, which of course usually takes hours. At least it did on my old Gateway, but that only had about 64 meg of ram so that's probably hardly surprising. Games sure didn't run very well on that thing.
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Lol! Paranoia is right. I wouldn't reformat my system every month, but I do reformat every six months or so to make sure my system runs at peak performance if and when possible. Windows is notorious for running great when it is installed fresh, but the more you use it the system performance goes way down after a while. The registry gets clogged up with junk, your temp directories fill up with junk, and sooner or later the operating system sort of just self-destructs from so much use. It has pretty poor resource management all and all. I just ran a registry scan a couple of days ago and it found over 2000 registry errors, all created with in the space of a months time, and corrected them. Doesn't that say how easy Windows can go to Hades in a handbag?

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