Well, it all began on one fine and sunny morning, when I recieved an E-mail from king pixifus lord of pixies to attend his royal banquit.

I've been a long standing member fof the royal society for the prevention of cruelty to dragons, ----- and I'd met his pixosity at one of our meetings, ----- we'd actually had an interesting chat about how to cure scale shedding of the American blue princess muncher breed of dragon.

I phoned my local magic carpet service to order one to the pixy king's palace, ---- however they were absolutely and totally late.

they claime this was because of long standing tale backs in the upper atmosphere, ----- but I just think ginis are lazy gits by nature!

so I walked in late, right in the middle of the pixy king's daughter singing a rather pretty song about some goblins she'd enchanted. It completely put her off her step, ---- and while I tried to explain, she was very put out, ---- so much so she conjured a gremlin assassin and sent it after me.

I was able to convince her that it had been a mistake by undertaking a long and boring quest involving three drunken elves,a mysterious guarden, some magic apples, ---- a small cactus and a bottle of washing up liquid which I'll tell you about some other time, ---- but sinse it took me such a long time to sort all this out the gremlins bombed my flat in my absense, ---- and so my desktop exploded.

I got a full appology from the pixies along with a huge bag of pixy gold, ---- which I used to buy the desktop I've got now, ---- and these days I use "wrent a witch" when I need transport, ---- brooms are slower, but witches are more reliable.

Btw, actually "exploded" is just a bit of exaggeration on my part, ---- my harddrive just physically stopped working, and was no longer able to load, ---- however I much prefer the above story, ---- far more fun!

Beware the grue!


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