Hello Tom.

it doesn't surprise me that this is possible in Jaws, ---- but I'm sad it's such a awful hassle to do.

During a couple of hours playing with jaws at a society for the blind, I personally found the config options a pest, but I assumed this was simply due to my unfamiliarity with the setup rather than anything particularly wrong with the program itself.

This one's actually come up on the audiogames.net forum, sinse one of the other mods has mentioned my use of dashes to denote a pause in the flow of conversation and stated this is somewhat irritating with Jaws. I asked him why he didn't have Jaws customized the way I do Hal, and he claimed in Jaws it was not possible. I know he's a pretty technically astute chap, ---- and if He! cannot find how to solve this in Jaws config it must be berried very deeply indeed.

In Hal, it takes me seconds to make these changes, ---- and I often have to reset them if I upgrade Hal and it restores default settings. Hal actually has a setup with menues for speech etc much as you describe Window eyes does.

There are plenty of deep and highly complex settings, ---- I could for instance defign precisely which punctuation I wanted spoken in which reading mode by hand, but the only occasion I've ever used this is when experimenting with roguelikes and ascii graphics, generally I find the all, most, some, and none schemes Hal has by default more than adequate.

Hal also has an instant "save these settings for a given application or webpage" button as well.

As to any fear of breaking something, Hal has "restore to default" buttons in every settings page, ---- so if you mess something up, it's easily fixed.

On one occasion for instance, I hit a hotkey I didn't expect and suddenly had Hal's on screen reading language set to finish! and reading English with Finish language rules was completely incomprehensible! Now, I know exactly what that hotkey was (ctrl period in the default settings0, however at the time I had no idea how to get it back to english.

I tried reading Hal's hotkey reference list, ---- but found it near impossible. So, I opened the control panel thinking "what now" to find to my utter releaf, that the language for the control panel was quite independent of the on screen language, ---- which does make sense if you wanted to read your screen in one language and configure Hal in another.

It didn't take me long at all to find the appropriate item and change it successfully.

Beware the grue!


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