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Yeah, when it comes to accessible games the distinction between first person and third person breaks down because those labels refer to a completely visual concept that isn't there in our games. Games like Shades of Doom, Monkey Business, Sarah, you name it are probably technically first person do to the fact the audio is specifically oriented to the player's position in the game world. That is you hear things in relationship to the player character as though you were physically there in the game. It is virtually impossible to separate the player's position and the relation ship of the other items independently the way you could if it were a third person game and make it accessible.

In that sense Mysteries of the Ancients, although it is a side-scroller, is still from the point of view of the first person. You hear things to the left and right of Angela, as though you were were standing there, and you react as though you were in that certain place and time physically. In the third person You wouldn't necessarily see or hear sounds from her point of view, but see it as if you were outside the world looking in on the people inside it. Kind of like looking through a window at them and hearing and seeing them from that vantage point.

dark wrote:
Hi nicol.

Just as in English, it's very symple. if you experience thei game from your character's perspective directly, ---- Ie, seeing the sites, and hearing the sounds that he/she would around you, then it's first person.

If the character themselves is there for you to move around, and you experience the environment around the character from a different point of view than that of the character, ---- it's a third person game.

Most audio games are first person, ---- sinse for obvious reasons it's easier to experience the sounds from your characters perspective.

The only ones I can think of which aren't, are Side scrollers like Q9 and mota, where you here what is in front of and behind your character, and know where your character is by the sound of his/her footsteps, --- independently of the environment, it's possible Night of parasite, treasure hunt, and maybe entombed might also count as third person, ---- though this is argueable.

Actually, in audio, sinse it's more difficult to represent a large amount of environmental information at a glance, ---- the distinction is a litle more blurry.

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