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Well, I wouldn't go as far to say that institutions here do anything with accessible games. I merely was recounting a case where a couple of people i spoke to knew of Termite Torpedo as they had seen it in the Printing House catalogs for software, and assumed, I guess, that I had gotten my ideas for accessible games from that. They were holy ignorant of GMA, BSC,and some of the other developers who been on the scene for quite a while. My over all point in that post was to explain that there is no central source for gathering information for what is out there for the blind, and you generally hear about these things by word of mouth or a specific product is promoted by one of the major players in the adaptive technology industry. Certain institutions have adopted those products, and are unwilling to look at newer alternatives.

For example, There can be no doubt that a company like Freedom Scientific has the lion's share of the accessibility market. If they were to promote Jaws friendly games, such as creating a few themselves, and selling them they would probably do well. They could even say they were the first to come up with a audio based side-scroller and the majority of Jaws users would whole-heartedly take their word for it, because the current accessible games market is rather limited. I've not found a way to even come close to marketing my games to the number of people who own Jaws for example. Clearly there is a problem with communicating and educating the majority of people around the world about what products and services are out there. Only those who have the lion's share like Freedom Scientific have the ability to make their products well known. They have several advantages I don't have such as financial resources for marketing, they have a reputation that has been growing since the mid to late 80's, they get state sponcering for their products, and so on. One way or another they have ways of getting their name and products out there where I have to rely on lists like this one and web sites like audiogames.net to bring in most of my customers. There is no PC World type magazine where various vendors like GW Micro, Dolphin, USA Games, or anyone else can place adds and write about there new products. There are things like ACB Radio that helps, but still I don't know how large an audience they really have. There are still the problem of people who have computers, but who may not have internet access. How are they to hear about these other products and services?

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