I agree Darren, that is my preference too, I've never had any real interest in scores or competition (one reason why the overwhelming majority of pvp focused online games get up my nose so much).

From years of console gaming though, i also very much enjoy and appreciate
exploration based on challenge.

for me, the reward of playing a game like superliam or even alien outback, isn't the score, but what new enemies, environments, background music and sounds, and game atmospheres I can experience, this is as much exploration for me as exploration in a literal sense like shades of doom, ----- in fact, if I have one cryticism of shades, it's that the music and background ambience doesn't vary from level to level, but reamins the same all the way through, ---- which doesn't really do much for the sense that your character is actually getting deeper into the base.

Other people though, obviously have different aproaches to games, ---- which is why a game like te pin alley, ---- even if not my first choice, is valuable to have.

I'll also admit that I do sometimes enjoy stratogy and ard games against humans, ---- but more for the experience of playing and the mental exercise than for any actual desire to beat them.

That's one thing I like about Che's card games, ---- they cost comparatively litle to subscribe to, and can be played as lightly or seriously as you wish, ---- so sute equally well someone like me who just drops in occasionally for a quick blast of hearts or poker.

Beware the grue!


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Yeah I love exploration type games. I'm not the type of gamer that likes
things to be over in 2 minutes. I like to be able to put a game down, then
come back to it later. Also I like a persistent game as well not one that
resets all the time. So games like core exiles are really the thing for me.

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