Hi Dark,
Unfortunately, from what I can tell all of the Scansoft lexicon dictionaries are binary data files that can't be edited with a text editor the way the Cepstral voices can. That's too bad as I'd dearly love to make a few lexicon changes in Daniel and Karen to say things the American way. For example, in most English speaking countries z is said zed instead of zee, and the non-American voices keep this tridition which drives me slightly crazy. Other words like schedule is spoken like shedule instead of skedule which again sounds off to my ears. I know that is exactly the way it is done in the U.K. and Australia, but these miner differences between American English and British or Australian English is none-the-less noticable.


dark wrote:
Well Tom, if you knew where I could find such a dictionary for scansoft daniel I'd appreciate knowing, ---- sinse that's the voice I use for all sapi things, and it seems far worse at missspeaking abbreviations than any other voice I've heard, ---- which is a shame, sinse I like it's actual speech quality a lot.

I know where to find the dictionaries for both Sam, (hal's synth interface), and orphius itself, ---- though I've very rarely had to use them sinse both have good standard pronunciation, ---- sam's dictionary is even loaded with nice bits of trivia, so by default it pronounces some names like hermione properly.

i have no idea where either Sapi's or daniels dictionaries are though, ---- even if they exist.

I don't know why Scansoft (and probably other synth manufacturers by the sound of it), load them down with so many pre-defined acronyms, ---- sinse their something which is so very variable!

The only ones which seem reasonable to me are mr. and mrs, ---- and even then, I've played a fair few rp games that use mr as melee rating.

Then, there are the times that you don't actually want an acronym spoken at all sinse everyone just uses it in the short form.

For example, take the designation hms used for British navy ships.

Yes, it officially stands for her magisty's, ---- but nobody in England (or indeed anywhere else), would actually refer to a ship as something like the Her magisty's victory.

Beware the grue!


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