Yeah, the thing with wf always is that the moment someone is ready to attack
you then yeah you're blown out the sky. It's a game that you have to be
constantly online for because there's a lot of for want of a better word egg
heads on there that will quite happily spend 24 hours playing the game and
unless you're willing to put in that sort of time then really you'll never
catch up or even be a match for anybody that's trying to attack you. Also
it's expected that you have a high degree of knowledge when it comes to
mathematics and the like. Which really in my opinion whilst in some respects
does make it fun but it does seriously hamper the development of the player
base. The game community isn't such a good one either. It's got to be said,
with the sorts of things that go on over on their forums, I'm surprised that
people like that have the level of intelligence required in order to play a
game like that. 

Where as with ce, at least you can put the game down for a few days and come
back to it. It does offer that sort of flexibility.

I guess yes you could actually become a factory owner if you wanted. I mean
in theory the amount of levels there are in the game is currently endless.
So if you worked at it then probably yes you could have your own factory.
I've seen someone on there with a level of 117 at the moment and that's the
highest level so far anybody has achieved. So I'd say in theory yes it's
possible for you to do that it's just that the ip resets make it easier for
you to readjust your path. So it is a case of how much work the individual
wants to put in over time. Also with ce there's a degree of intelligence
required to play the game but you don't have to be a genius either.

Yes the 1 thing with ashes is that it is quite a limiting game. Unless you
wanted to go on the most wanted list. Which some people did. I never did
that although it's good that they offer that. I've been shot down a few
times but again the 1 thing I like about ashes like ce is that the community
is a good one. The people on there are friendly and the awareness of screen
readers is a high degree of. Although that's largely due to me because I've
been playing that game on and off since 2003 so yes I've been helping out
here and there.

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Well, I've tried Ashes of angels and played for a bit, ---- but things just 
seemed far too repetative for my taste,

I loved the universe and the real time ships, but constant cargo hawling 
just got to be dull, sinse i didn't fancy attacking other players.

Warring factions is something I keep hereing about and have tried on several

occasions, --- but I'll freely admit the complex interface, pluss the 
complexity of the game, and the fact the bloody manuals keep referring to 
graphics absolutely defeated me on every occasion.

Also, I perhaps didn't ttry as hard as I might have with the game, sinse it 
sounded basically that interacting with other players was an absolute must 
and a major part of the game, and pvp against them would be thrust upon you 
simply because of the nature of the game.

If anyone is stil playing and could help with the warring factions write up 
for I'd be much obliged.

Shields down was one I missed, ---- but Ce seems to sute very well. I 
believe orin posted a link to the game originally and I stuck it in my 
"games I might vaguely try at some point" list.

Then when i got around to it I was fairly staggered to say the least, ----  
especially with how nice people are on the forums and in game chat. I'd say 
it's the first game I've ever played where interactions with other players 
are a ppleasure and an interesting and fun part of the game, not an annoying

destraction as they seemed to always be in games liek Logd.

Then again, sinse Ce is specifically and absolutely not! a pvp or 
competition focused game (unless you count mech battles), I suppose it 
attracts players with a different mind set.

I also absolutely, totally and completely agree about the various paths to 
follow in Ce.

My only miner complaint with Ce is that to do anything decently well it's 
far better to focus on one or two things, ---- say combat pluss hawlage, 
there is no way realistically to try some activities like mining, factory 
owning or extensive crafting without using an Ip reset and redistributing 
skill points.

I do rather wish there was a way to gain levels in a given skill slowly 
without distributing points, ---- say for instance giving you one point in 
that skill for gaining a certain amount of xp in it.

this certainly though isn't a big enough problem to stop me enjoying the 

Hearts wise, --- inventively enough, I'm called Dark on there, ---- so 
hopefully we'll get a game at some point.

Beware the grue!

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