The main issue I could see in creating audio versions of side scrolling beat em ups like double dragon, golden axe, final fight or streets of rage is the view.

Though the games are side scrollers, --- your characters have more than just movement forwards and backwards as they can also move up and down, sideways from the player's view, even though they do not actually change the direction they are facing other than forwards and backwards.

To explain in more detail, imagine sitting and facing the top of a table, ---- like a computer desk. Say your side scroller character was standing on that desk like a statue or an action figure.

Now, imagine that the character is facing to the right, standing sideways on to you, so that their left foot is closest to the edge of the desk facing you. To simulate a side scroller, you would move the character to the right along the desk while stil side ways on to you. The character could move towards or away from you, ---- ie, sideways along the desk, but, instead of turning and facing that way as in an fps game, must constantly face to the right, ---- ie, forwards, or to the left, ie backwards, and thus all movements up and down would be side steps, ---- same goes for the enemies.

I'm not sure how you'd represent this in audio, sinse obviously your own character and an enemy could be on the same vertical plane, ---- ie, standing side by side on the desk, but not able to attack each other, or facing a different way.

Indeed, many of the tougher enemies in side scroller games like Mona and lisa from streets of rage, were able to change their vertical and horizontal position at once by attacking in diagonals.

when you factor in hazards like pits or traps, which have not only a horizontal, but vertical positon, ---- i'M NOT SURE WHAT YOU DO AT ALL.

Perhaps you just throw all this to the winds and work on a full 3D beat em up such as are produced now, ---- a game like mortal Combat Shaolin monks, the Lotr game or maximo ghosts to glory.

You might also just create a standard mario style side scroller with only movement left and right or up and down in the air, ---- but give your character and the enemies extensive amounts of moves to make the game a beat em up.

Lion heart on the Amigar and indeed legend of cage followed this route, --- -and inumerable platform side scrollers have featured characters and enemies with complex Melee weaponry and attacks, ---- Mega Man Zero and his trade mark Z saber, ---- a light saber like weapon with many and complex techniques used in multiple games and game series, is a very famous example, ---- though others such as Luke Skywalker in the Snes side scrolling starwars games, and even the nintendo mascot Kirby.

Or perhaps you could use some factor like pitch to show the vertical position of objects and enemies relative to your character on the ground, the way games like troopanum or Q9 do for objects falling down through the air.

Either way, it'd be an interesting proposition to explore, ---- though one I think which would require a complex bit of game creating, ----- ad probably not something which could be done with a template.

Beware the grue!

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Hi Al,
Seeing as the games you mentioned are side-scrollers I would imagine that Phil's toolkit could create them, or at least something close to it.There are certain aspects you might have to script though.

For example, In Double Dragon the way you typically got weapons is by taking it away from enemy thugs. A guy carrying a baseball bat might try and hit you with it, you, knock him out, take the bat and start wailing on someone else with it. I'm not sure if the toolkit will allow you to steel weapons or not, and if it does it probably needs to be scripted.

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