Hi all.
the old file is being removed.
or rather has been.
you will need winzip, the file is 60mb or so.
in it there are 2 installers.
now you will need admin for these installers.
this will install in the root of the c drive.
you will need admin but you should be able to run it from the  menu as normal.
you will be able to  run from  the menus but it installs in program files as 
Other notes.
this version has the readme and guide in the files.
it also is more complete.
The good point is that now when ever a new version is made of nop I will just 
need the binaries and then I can change the scripts.
if anyone that knows innosetup knows how to do the list of things   that are 
below please get back to me.

detect os, and what section to put it in.
detect account, yeah I know I can have min windows version and allow admin but 
right now I can't put something in c:\users\ whatever unless its broused to 
probably not important.
how to sign apps and if it is more trouble than worth.
the installers will be up in a bit and I will upload a file at that time, I 
mean a link.
I have tried on here on different accounts and in all cases the programs have 
if anyone tries now and even on admin still finds programs don't run then the 
best bet is getting the author to adjust his installer, his email address is in 
the program and I may email him with the offer to create the installers for him 
if he wants to host the files, or give him program links to get things.
I would much better have this stuff hosted somewhere.
on that note did anyone host nop 2.4 when I asked for it.
I think it was on audiogames or maybe another server.
brandoncole or something don't know.
could that person email me if they want to host the stuff?
right now the file is about 64mb in size, once I have figured out what is 
happening I hope to just have 32mb.

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