IN this game, you have to find your way to your office.
You, the player, is working for the south African revenue services.
Its an easy task to get from reception to the door that leads into the
contact centre and vice versa, but the difficult part is to find your
office once you are in the contact centre.
There is 2 entrances to your office.
The  one you have to go through the pause area or relaxation area.
Go through the backdoor of  the pause area and go down a passage and you
will get your office.
Once you are on a ramp, you know that you are into the pause room.
That is the easy way.
Or you have to find  2 steps going down right at the other side of the
contact centre, then you will be in the same passage.
You will have to deal with fellow employees shouting directions at you.
"straight! Straight!
"no! no! this way, this way!"
"no, the other way. The other way."
"you're wrong, you're wrong!"
"oh please help the guy, he is going to bump into a cupboard!"
You lose the game when your boss ron, comes to you and ask you in his
icy snapelike voice:
"hey, where are you off too?"
Avoid bumping into cupboards.
Walk between the desks of busy agents.
If you are near the machinery room, you know you are wrong.
Use the left and right arrows to turn 6 degrees, the up and down arrows
to walk forward and backwards, and numpad 0 to snap 180 degrees.
Check the manual for other keystrokes.
You are armed with a water host.
You have to splat water on people yelling directions at you from their
desks .But beware, if you wet their pcs,  telephones and papers instead,
you will face suspension and the game is over.
This game idea is based on a real life situation that your fellow gamer
faces each ruddy day when arriving to  and departing from work.
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