Hi Mike,
But you didn't make a simple request for the beta, nor did you ask if it was technically feasable. Like so many others you just assumed I didn't have my own reasons for doing things the way I do them. Instead of asking nicely you said it in a very negative and offensive way. Now, if you were working your tail off to get a game done and you got a commont like "Sorry, but I'm not replaying level 1 everytime I die on level 2. Good way to make
me not play the game anymore."
wouldn't you get a little upset at that person? What you said showed no gratitude or appreciation for all the work I'm doing. Nor did what you say take any thought or consideration for the fact maybe I have reasons other than just marketing like the fact saved games don't carry over from version to version forcing you, the end user, to remove any saved games and create new ones? Did you think for a second how I would read that comment and how i would feel about it? No, instead you copped an attitude which sounded to me a lot like wining and complaining. I've got very little tolerence for complaints these days. As for setling down and relaxing well it is obvious you have never had to put up with the same kind of crap I'm putting up with now trying to get this game done. Look, if you want to know what kind of crap I have to put up with from end user's you can have Mysteries of the Ancients and Raceway. You can write them, and get e-mail after e-mail from the end users bombarding you with complaints and suggestions. Some will be nice about it, and some people won't be so nice. Instead of hanging out with your family and friends you can spend hours working on this or that game trying to get it done. Then, you might want to spend a couple hundred bucks or more out of your own pocket for sounds and music. If you really want to know what that is like I challenge you to write your own game, and let me know exactly how you feel after you have gone through the things I've been through, and you gotten your fair share of complaints exactly like yours thrown back at you. I'm sorry to be so harsh, but some times enough is enough. One person can only take so much before he/she cracks or just says this or that just isn't worth the time and energy any more. That's where I'm coming from. I've reached my limit of how much stuff I'm going to take off of people regarding these games, and I'm just going to have to say "no" to various suggestions, complaints, etc until it gets through I am determined to finish This game as soon as I can with as little fuss as possible. I hope this makes sense.


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