Yeah, I hate these bashing and wining.
Poor Thomas, I feel so bitterly sorry for the man.
Even in sod, one cannot save the game if it is a demo.

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Mike, I don't know how long you have been on this list and other lists 
where Mysteries of the aintients is discussed, but the same questions 
and things get brought up over and over. Thomas then has to repeat over 
and over why something won't work or why he doesn't want to implement 
it. I don't even want to know what his personal inbox looks like! It's 
just that there are about a million "simple requests" coming in while 
Thomas clearly and repeatedly stated that he won't be adding new 
features and he is moving into the final phases of the beta.

You could simply say your post was the final straw. In fact the same 
question about loading and saving was asked two days ago and Thomas then

also explained why he won't put it into the demo. It makes logical 
sense. Have you played any of the audio games, barring entombed, which 
is a different kind of game, where you could save? This is why it is a 
demo. You can look at all the gma game engine games, monkey business and

many other examples. The demo, even a beta, can't contain all the 
features of the full release.
On 2009/12/09 10:30 PM, Mike Breedlove wrote:
> I wouldn't have a problem with this if the game was actually released.
I don't think its asking too much here. You need to just relax, when
someone makes a suggestion like this you instantly shut it down and
whine about the whiners. Sorry for making a simple request for the beta.
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