I agree dark.
Thomas has done a good job and as long as his part of the game is as bug free as he can get it, I think he should release mota and give out registration keys. This will take a lot of the pressure off him that has been building up for a while. It still makes sense to change the programming language of the game to c++, but maybe it would be better if it is done as a later bugfix release or something.

However if the c# release would give game crackers a way to for example find a way to crack the game, I agree with the idea to convert it to c++ first and then release it.

On 2009/12/13 03:14 PM, dark wrote:
hello Tom.

While this does make infinite amounts of sense, ---- my only concern is you yourself.

You mentioned wanting to get Mota out of your hair and work on other projects, ---- which is quite understandable given the multiple shinanigans you've had with the game.

While I certainly understand the logic of having the genesis engine in general in C++ for future work, ---- that does also mean more work and delay on Mota.

if your happy with this, ---- that's fine, ---- but I don't think anyone would blame you if you wanted to get Mota itself finished quicker, then move on to the C++ coding for the genesis engine, Stfc raceway, and designer of any future projects, ---- afterall, a few extra minutes installing for the user is rather different from months more coding for the developer.

Of course, it's entirely your decision, ---- I'm just conscious how much of your sweat and blood has already gone into the project thus far, ---- and I think it would be a terrible shame if you just burnt out mid way through due to complications and the game never got released.

Ultimately though, it's your game of course, ---- just know that not everyone who plays it is a rabid slave driver who expects you to code all day and night without rest!

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