Okay, where can I find a good tutorial for the pygame language that will let 
me create something simple to start with?
Will pygame transfer between windows mac platforms or do I need to make two 
sets of code for each platform?
Which game types will this support: card games, board games and such?

Also for more complicated games similar to SOD, MOTA, and Q9, will C#.net 
work or should I go with C++?
I'm looking to try some sort of shooter adventure game in the future once I 
get the hang of game coding.
Will either or both of the C languages work for both Windows and the Mac?
How do I incorporate the Sappy TTS into games or is that sort of built in?
If not, where can I find the code for sappy voices so that the game speaks?

I read that full Python isn't transferable, but so does that mean that 
pygame isn't either? So, I'm just guessing here, but then it might be good 
to stick with C++ or C#.net instead of any version of python and stay away 
from java.

Sorry, this email might be a bit confusing to people. I want to try 
something simpole first like a card, matching, board game or simple chase 
game. Then, I want to move up to something more complex with enemies and 
levels, weapons, and randomness so the game plays different each time you 
start it, that part would be similar to MOTA or Entoomed I guess. I want to 
find the code and no, I don't mind learning code of most any type as long as 
the code has some sort of explanation for what it does or where you might 
put each code.

One more thing, can I just start learning code or is there something else I 
should start with first?
Any good links for helpful tutorials and things will be appreciated. No, I'm 
not looking at java as it seems it isn't very accessible for screen readers 
and the full python language is all its own and not part of any of the C 
languages, so that might be out, but I don't know if that's true for pygame 
as well. So, my options seem to be C++ if its still supported since 
Microsoft came out with the C#.net, which is the other option. I also would 
like the games to speak for themselves, if possible and that seems to 
require some version and code for the Sappy TTS voices.
Thanks to all:

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