Hi Damien,
Yeah, I know. C++ has several different data types including chars, strings, shorts, booleans, longs, double, floats, pointers, integers, plus several ones Microsoft created for handles, dword flags, results, etc. When coming from Visual Basic 6 or one of the .NET languages it can become quite intimidating and overwhelming. However, the reason C++ has so many different data types is a throwback to the days when programmers really had to worry about how many bytes they were storing in memory at any given point in time. If I remember shorts are 2 bytes, longs are 4 bytes, doubles are 8 bytes, etc. An unsigned integer can store any number from -32,768 to 32,767. A signed integer is something like 1 to 65,534. Anyway, C++ gives you the power really to manage the amount of data you are storing in memory and use the data type best suited for the data being stored. Anyone coming from .NET or a language like Visual Basic take one look at this and freak as they are holy unprepared for the scope of data types and degree of memory management available to them. We haven't even began to talk about pointers which Visual Basic 6 and the .NET languages don't even have. It's different and definitely more advanced programming.


Damien C. Sadler wrote:
Hi Thomas,
Yes, that does look complicated, but then again for the past week I have been struggling with various parts of a C tutorial that was written by a friend of mine. Where in Visual Basic you have strings, booleans, longs, integers, types and classes, in C you have chars, ints, shorts, longs, doubles, floats, pointers, structures and even completely new user defined data types which seem to look more complicated the more I try to understand it. Philip Bennefall has been fantastic and has helped me with various parts of it, but at the moment my brain feels like it has fallen into the fire and turned into a shrivelled burned up piece of paper *smile*. I seriously wish I had been taught this language right from the start when I was introduced to so-called programming 10 years ago.

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