C++ wins cross platform absolutely. But with virtual desktops, it's not as
big of a win as it used to be.

If you go C++, you absolutely must learn object oriented programming
concepts. C++ supports these, but they aren't as elegant as more recent
programming languages like C#. If you use C#, you have no choice but to
write object oriented code, so there really isn't an issue there.

.NET is well thought out and modern. You don't need to use the XACT sound
tool (the much maligned sound creation engine mentioned in this thread) to
make sounds for games using the XNA framework. XNA comes built in with sound
and music libraries that don't use XACT at all. They support loading mp3s as
well. XACT is powerful but clunky, buggy, and a million other negatives.

As for security, .NET can be decompiled. But if you're using modern
programming concepts (which you will be) no one is going to be able to
recompile it. It essentially obfuscates itself. Of course, obfuscating the
code is another option. Is anyone going to want to spend the thousands of
hours to reverse engineer your game? Not likely. If you had top secret code
or projects, it's a much bigger problem.

C# supports a design concept called RAD, or rapid application development.
You will write larger / more complex programs much, much faster in C# than
writing the same application in C++.

C# also supports automatic garbage collection which is a big deal when it
comes to memory management and debugging.

The biggest drawback to C# is that you're essentially tied to Microsoft. You
have to intelligently weigh the benefits to porting your game to all
platforms. How many Linux players are you going to get really? What about
Macs? How many players do you lose if they can virtualize your game in their
native operating system? Is it still worth it?

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