Hi Tom,
You are correct; .NET programs need a "managed interface" for DirectX. TDV self-contains SlimDX though, the main problem I saw was that XAudio itself was missing. I used to depend on the Assembly libraries for SlimDX, but later decided to just package it as part of TDV; that way the user doesn't have to install SlimDX and register it in the framework before TDV will run. Needless to say, this same problem would have happened with any game whether .NET or not. In fact because TDV now contains SlimDX I'll probably just take SlimDX off the site and recommend players upgrade to the latest DirectX. Lol. It'll save a lot of confusion in the future.
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Hi All,
Since a number of people seam to have problems with this maybe I should discuss the relationship between the libraries, and what exactly does what here. This will help you guys diagnose problems like this in the future. Basically, it is this. On Windows the main multimedia system for handling input, audio, and graphics is DirectX. Over the passed couple of years or so Microsoft has been upgrading DirectX replacing older libraries like DirectSound with XAudio and XAudio2. Since it is not possible for a .NET application to use DirectX directly it is necessary to install a third-party set of libraries that helps the .NET program access DirectX. One such interface is called SlimDX. So in order to access things like XAudio and XAudio2 you will need to have a current copy of DirectX and a current copy of SlimDX installed in order to play games like 3D Velocity. Since SlimDX is only the managed interface to DirectX you still have to make sure the actual DirectX libraries are installed in order to use them.


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