Hi Dark,
Yes, in deed. Philip has only scratched the surface of potential when it comes to the types of side-scrollers he could create. There are several side-scrollers I can think of such as Double Dragon, Megaman, Legend of Kage, Castlevania, Prince of Persia, you name it Philip could use as a rough template for a new side-scroller. Just because a game is 2d doesn't mean it has to be a simple walk right, beat up some enemies, jump a few pits, type of game. It can get quite involved as the NES and Super NES games clearly proved in their day. Megaman I think is our best example of a killer side-scroller. each level is different in terms of hazards, enemies, special weapons, bosses, you name it. When visiting iceman's world you have to avoid robots firing freeze weapons, avoid falling through ice, avoid snowballs, and other traps like that. In fireman's world you have to jump over lava pits, avoid falling fireballs, freeze walls of fire, as well as kick fireman's robot troops butts. I have to say I loved Megaman, and it was the rave of the late 80's. It was just so cool. Anyway, I'm just saying this to agree with you that a side-scroller need not just go from left to right. It needs a bit of maze and puzzle element to it as well as some level specific traps and enemies. In Mysteries of the Ancients, for example, I introduce traps as you advance through the game levels and some enemies such as the wolves gain the ability to breath fire and skeletons can throw knives. Same enemies, of course, but are a bit harder and tougher to take down than their counterparts on the first few levels.

Merry Christmas

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