While i do see your point tom, personally for me it depends entirely upon the navigation system. i'm probably the worst person you will find in terms of spacial navigation, ---- due to brain damage when I was born. I physically find any grid based game with multiple objects such as sudoku, mine sweeper or even solitare nerely impossible to play due to this.

For 3d games though, I do nbelieve there is a lot of potential for something interesting provided the navigational features are good enough, --- turn indicators, examination in speech of the environment, use of markers, "have I visited before keys " etc.

I've never had trouble playing Gma tank commander, shades or sarah, ---- or indeed terraformers.

that being said though, monkey business I'm frankly horrible at and have never got past the jungle level due to far too much sound, and far too little navigation help.

I admit I love 2D games and want to see more of them, ---- but I equally wouldn't want to see no more 3d games being produced. but if edevelopers are afraid that £3d games won't be well recieved, ---- why produce one?

One thing i've noticed is side scrollers are easier to pick up and play, --- you hear it on the left, move left and smack or collect it etc.

also, with the tonnes and tonnes of left/right sterrio targiting affairs on the markit, ---- many of them free, people get a lot of practice with that sort of navigation.

there has recently been a lot of talk on this list about old atari 2600 remakes like Asteroids and missile command.

how about creating a game like robotron or berzerk as a 3D freeby. Just you, in a mostly open 3D area, with a laser gun and lots of robots to shoot. Like Berzerk you could have electrified walls, ---- or like robotron you could have a completely open square arena, but with power ups and bonuses to collect.

either way, it would be the 3D version of something like kringle crash. No complicated mazes, weapons, puzles or anything else to worry about, ---- just you, a gun, and some nasties, ---- and your skills at 3D navigation and dodging.

This would let people practice combat and movement in 3D as easily as practicing 2D, ---- and create another nice fun game, ---- possibly an atari remake in the process.

I'm guessing with the genesis engine, you might already have done something similar yourself for testing purposes, ---- if not I appologise, ---- but if so, maybe it'd be worth slapping some sounds together and turning it into a game so people can practice their 3D combat skills.

just an idea.

beware the grue!


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