Hi Scott,
Sad but true. Creative Labs has gone way down hill over the passed few years, and their cards are nothing like they use to be. Recently I purchased an Audegy for a system and after I put it in there was a lot of background noise and it was clear the card was deffective. I ended up having to take it back to Wal-mart,exchange it, and that card too acted funny. To make a long story short after a couple of attempts I stopped using Creative Labs cards and I put a Turtle Beach card in that system. These days Creative Labs cards are so over rated it isn't funny. Since we are talking about good sound cards what brands do you happen to like for gaming? I'm looking for some high end cards to replace my Creative Labs cards with that are high end and don't cost a small fortune to own. I'm also a musician so I'd obviously want it for music as well, but gaming, especially 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound support, is high on my list of features. So I'd be interested in what you would have to recommend.


Scott Chesworth wrote:
Hi Bill,

Technically speaking youtube will sound fairly horrible no matter what
you pipe it through, the original quality of your mp3's will play a
massive part, which leaves us with better games performance as the key
factor.  I don't know a lot about products currently aimed at the avid
home user because I tend to run anything that's important through the
high-end interfaces I use to record music, but they'd be totally
overkill just for games price-wise.  One piece of advice I can give
you though is don't be drawn in by Creative's marketting speak.  These
days, you'll pay over the odds for what is a very average card with
fairly naff D to A conversion if you go with Creative, it always
amazes me that people swear by cards that perform badly technically
just because the brand used to be good when there are a miriad of
alternatives.  If accessible games titles are your main focus though,
seeing as none of them yet really stretch the capabilities of a
high-end card, I'd suggest considering setting aside a chunk of what
you've got to spend for decent cables and either speakers/headphones
depending on how you tend to play.

Hth, headphones are more my bag, so if they get added to the spending
list I can be more specific on those...

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