If you can hold off for a little while, AsusTeK computer is supposed to be 
coming out with a 2ghz netbook pretty soon. I don't know how soon pretty soon 
is though. The Asus netbook I'm using right now is 2ghz, but only because I 
overclocked it. *smirk*.

My netbook is my primary computer. I play mota, Jim Kitchen's games, q9, tdv, 
gtc, sod, etc with it without much problem. the only problem I have in fact is 
sound card related but has nothing to do with the processor. In fact, for fun I 
underclocked my netbook to 500mhz, and q9 still ran ok. it was different, but I 
still managed to get killed like on the other speeds *lol*.  I've had other 
laptops that do the same thhing with the sound card. I'm speaking of this 
little problem where stereo panning and sound volume with direct x is way off 
the wall stupidly different than what the developer intended it to be. I 
bounced this problem off Jim Kitchen and he showed me by recording part of his 
latest Mach1 game that it sounds vastly  different than it does for me. I sort 
of fixedd the problem by changing the hardware accelleration. Don't know why, 
but that seemed to take care of at least some of the trouble. Troubles like 
tdv's air sounds were so loud I couldn't hear the voiceovers. *ouch!* That 
said,, I'm happy with mine. My favorite thing, believe it or not, is that my 
netbook doesn't get hot. You don't want to know my term for my sony laptop, 
which, well, gets hot, very hot. You might could stop a little short of a 
netbook and get one of those low priced ultraportables. they're a little more 
expensive than most netbooks, but not by much. If you can handle 500 dollars I 
saw a couple of nice thin laptops at wal-mart that seemed ok. Can't really 
speak for them though because wal-mart just doesn't seem to realize putting the 
processor speed somewhere in the specifications would be a good idea. Acer had 
one which was pretty nice and thin, but still managed to squeeze a full num pad 
on beside the regular keyboard. Hp had one that used the athlon neo processor, 
which i've heard some good things about, and claims it gets 8 hours on battery. 
My netbookk claims the same thing, though, and only gets about 4 and a half if 
I underclock it and turn the screen brightness to 0.

Btw, in the event you don't know, ultraportables are just supposed to be really 
thin. They'll have 13 or so inch screens and more normal sized keyboards though.

One thing that is funny is to underclock my netbook to 500mhz and start up 
entombed. it takes like 5 minutes for the game to load up a dungeon so I can 
play.. If I run it at normal speed or overclock it, however, it seems all 
right. It's not ridiculously slow in my oppinion, and with this particular one 
I've never had a game that just flat out wouldn't run.

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  thanks Phil.

  that is something I've not considdered, but I'll make certain I look at 
  before buying one.

  beware the grue!

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