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Subject: Accessible web-based Monopoly game for Macintosh, iPhone and iPod Touch
Date:   Sat, 2 Jan 2010 00:42:33 -0800
From:   Cara Quinn <modelc...@gmail.com>
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 Hey All, I wanted to let you know of an accessible online Monopoly game for 
the Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch. It's from RS Games and can be found at the url:

http://www.x-sight-interactive.net/rsgames/ YOu'll find a link on the page, entitled, 'Click here to learn more about Monopoly.'
 YOu'll need to set up a free account, which simply consists of entering a user 
name and email address. YOu'll be sent a password (which you can change later 
if you decide) via email. Once you have this, you can then log into the site to 
play Monopoly!

 You can play either with bots (automated players) or with other humans playing 
on the web or on Windows PCs, or any mix of the above.

Here are some important tips and tricks which I've discovered, which might help 
you more easily play the game.

1 Choose the 'text' mode for the game, rather than the 'message box' mode. 
Though I'd prefer the message box mode, I found that text mode actually seems 
to work better with Safari both on the Mac and iPhone / iPod Touch.

2 I've found that setting the rotor (iPhone / iPod users only) to navigate 
between form controls can assist in quick navigation once in-game. I'll explain 
more on this, a bit later in this note. Mac users can use the 'option tab' 
shortcut if they have it enabled, to accomplish the same thing.

3 You'll need to periodically refresh the screen for VO to read properly, by 
either doing a two-finger flick upward (iPhone / iPod users only) or toggling 
VO off and then on again.

4 during game-play the latest info (when in text mode) begins being  displayed 
near the top of the screen, and continues to scroll further and further down 
the page as the game progresses. The latest info is found just above your 
player controls. I.E. 'Chat,' 'View Your Cash' etc.

5 To easily view the latest info during game-play, iPhone / iPod users find the 'Chat' button by flicking up or down between form controls and then flicking once to the left. Mac users find the 'Chat' button by using tab or option tab and VO left arrow once. Provided, the screen has been refreshed for VO, you'll then see the latest game messages. IMPORTANT TIP FOR IPHONE / IPOD USERS: As game-play progresses, and the game's series of text messages takes up more and more of the webpage, flicking down from the top of the page to get to the 'Chat' button to read your latest game text, can become slower and slower and slower. So rather than have this happen, you can simply tap on the screen just above the home key, to find one of the Safari toolbar buttons. I.E. Back, forward, Utilities, Bookmarks or Tabs. Once you locate one of these, you can then quickly flick upward to move between the form controls, so you can end up at your 'Chat' button. This way you can quickly move to your latest game messages reliably each turn. I hope this helps you all enjoy this game!
Have a great night and Happy 2010!


Cara :)
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