My uncle got my 2 and a half year old son a video game controller thing, takes 
4 tripple A batteries, he said it has over 50 games built in. So I took the 
back off with a screw-driver and put in the batteries. If I remember right the 
RCA cables were connected together then they split off into a y for the two 
plugs that go into the front of the tv. My son somehow separated the two cables 
at their starting point where they plug into the controller. So I plugged it in 
one way and heard a buzz from the tv. I unplugged it and switched the cables. I 
can see enough light and shaddows to tell something's going on when I hit 
buttons on the controller. But I'm getting no sound. And my son is sighhted, 
learning to talk is just two and a half going on three, and can't tell me if 
there's something wrong with the picture and sound or what it is. At one point 
when he was fiddling with the controller I did hear one or two sounds like 
music video game music then it stopped. I have no idea what this toy is called, 
if my son accidentally broke it. My uncle is the one who bought it for him. I 
wonder if when he pulled the two RCA cables apart if some contact is broke in 
there and this toy is just completely broke? I may fiddle with it a little 
later on, but I just don't think those two RCA cords should be separate like 
they are. and the one well they both feel rough as if they were glued together. 
I really hope he my uncle did not spend a whole lot on that toy. 

 Josh Kennedy jkenn...@gmail.com
my blog is at http://jkenn337.klangoblog.net (updated frequently). Tired of 
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