Yes, I have found the same issue on my system. So far, I haven't found a way 
to turn up the synthesizer volume like you could in Windows XP by clicking 
"Speech" in Control Panel. This is the reason I don't use the voice although 
it is pretty good. Of course you can turn down the system sounds so that 
they don't blast over Anna, but that's not worth my time I feel--just to use 
a different synthesizer.
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Subject: Re: [Audyssey] The Anna voice, was Windows 7 and compatibility

Sorry if this question is slightly offtopic, but I use windows 7 and played
around with the different voices I have installed on my pc. One being anna
that comes with win 7. Now I went and chose it for my jaws voice. It works
well, the only thing is it is so much softer than all the others I ever had.
I turned volume up all the way in jaws options but unless I yank my speakers
up a lot as well, you can hardly hear her. Last option is not really
workable as my ears will fall off from all the other sounds and stuff when I
keep it this high lol
So is this normal?


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