Hi folks,
After a hectic Christmas holiday, we have cleaned up the website a little, and 
we are now hopefully on the run again. However, there is a slight hitch.
On December 26, 2009, at approximately lunchtime, our main machine became 
unusable due to a motherboard failure. According to the manufacturer it has 
also affected the hard drive. Not being insured for any data, the manufacturer 
have replaced the drive and disposed of the original.
Luckily for us, all our data was backed up on an external drive, so at first, 
this was not a big issue. However, it would be our luck that yesterday, January 
7, 2010, again at approximately lunchtime, our 16 month old 500GB Western 
Digital hard drive in USB caddy became mechanically faulty as well. To add 
insult to injury, the spare machine we are using had to be reformatted, because 
Windows kindly decided to save the broken drive's MFT to the internal.
In short, plain English, we have lost all our data, which includes over 50GB of 
sound effects costing over £2500, approximately 5GB of incomplete and released 
materials, and an absolute handful of software in all categories of 
distribution and function.
I am currently in contact with a data recovery specialist to see what he can 
do, however I am thinking that chances are slim in retrieving the data, either 
because of physical damage to the disks, or because of our financial situation.
I have kept the website up for convenience purposes, but support for available 
software will be extremely limited until I can get it rewritten.
As a side note, if anybody can give me any tips on backing up data securely and 
reliably short of buying two dozen hard drives I would be most thankful. *Smile*
Damien C. Sadler
Annoyed X-Sight Interactive manager.
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