Hi all,
Since this question has been asked a couple times I thought I'd write a
definite response for everybody in one place, so to speak.
Anacreon is a strategy game which has been around for about twenty years
now.  In it, you control a galactic empire, trying to conquer and expand
into the universe.  You start out with one or a few worlds having
troops, different kinds of spaceships, raw materials, etc.  You can
construct fleets of these ships and troops to conquer other planets,
defend them, take supplies to them, that sort of thing.  It's admittedly
a complicated game, but I feel it has a lot of potential for multiplayer
fun, especially since the computer AI is unfortunately somewhat lacking.
There is both a Dos version and a Windows version of this game.  I for
one have had trouble with the Windows version, but your mileage may vary
considerably there.  
What I had in mind was that someone could start a scenario, play their
turn, save the game and send the save file to the next player in
sequence.  This would keep on until somebody won or the game ended some
other way.
Anyhow, there's more information on Anacreon in older backissues of
Audyssey--I think it started around issue 6 or 7?  The web site is:
The Dos version's manual is well-written and worth a look even if you're
using the Windows version, as the programs are similar enough.  Also,
there is a lot of strategy information in the Dos manual which isn't in
the Windows one.
Hope this helps somewhat, and gives folks a bit of a better idea what
this game is all about.

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