Hi Tom,
You're correct. To state it in a different way, general copyright states 
that ideas, including quotes, cannot be copyrighted. Copyrights must be on 
tangible items. For instance, if someone else makes a first-person shooter, 
I can't claim copyright infringement just because BPC has a first-person 
shooter. However, if it bares the name "Treasure Hunt" and has my character 
in it, that is valid grounds for a case.
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Hi Shaun,
I'm not an expert on copyright law, but I know enough there is a clear
line between originality and copyright infringement.  By and large you
can't copyright anything that is common and is not unique such as
weapons like swords, guns, missile launchers, etc. Even a game as long
as it contains mostly original content is protected under the fair use
copyright laws. Mysteris of the Ancients was inspired by the Tomb Raider
games, but is protected under the fair use laws because I never used the
Tomb Raider logos and trade marks, did not use Lara Croft, or any
character from the Tomb Raider games/books/movies. As a result in the
eyes of the law it is an original product even though it  is obvious
that it is inspired by Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, Rogue Angel, and
other books/movies of the same genre.
What can be copyrighted are characters with a unique background story, a
specific trade mark held by person x, unique weapons such as a light
saber that is tied to a certain trade mark, and so on. So we have to be
careful to use only generic or common content and not stray too far into
specific copyrights and trade marks.


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