Hi James,
I presume you're using the Windows version.  In that case, the main
things you want to familiarize yourself with are the menu bar and the
somewhat non-standard dialogues the game uses.  A few years ago,
someone--I think it was Chris Bartlet? posted a Word document which
explained a lot of how to get started and make sure things were as
accessible as possible.  I don't have that file here, nor do I know
where to find it.  Chris, if that indeed was your work, might you be
able to put it up somewhere if you still have it?
In the mean time, I'm willing to provide what help I can.  You'll
probably be using the Jaws cursor a lot to read things, such as the
display on the map which makes up the main screen.  The thing to realize
is that arrow keys move a pointer from place to place, and that the game
always displays your current coordinates below the menu bar.  Your
capital is always at (0,0).
When you focus on a planet with the arrows and not just an empty sector
of space, a bunch of information about the planet pops up in the lower
part of the screen.  It'll be different depending on if you own the
planet or are in range to scan it and have approximate information about
So, you'll want to start by just moving around the map with the arrows,
reading what information you have about planets and getting a feel for
the layout of the map.
Beyond this, just look around the menu bar.  Particularly, there's an
item in (I believe) the Fleet menu which lets you send probes to unknown
planets outside your scanning range.  Those take one turn to arrive, but
can go anywhere in the galaxy.  They don't always manage to get you
information: sometimes the world is advanced enough to detect and
destroy them.
The Reference Manual, which you can find in the help menu, is a good
read to get familiar with the basic ideas.  Also, the Dos version's
manual, which is on the neurohack site, is much more extensive and quite
well-written.  A lot of the information will transfer pretty well, as
the two versions share mostly the same interface and all of the same
I realize this is a bit long and rambly, so I'll stop here.  If you have
any specific questions I'll be glad to answer as best I can.
All the best,

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 08:38:57PM -0500, James Howard wrote:
> Hi, Ok, gguys, I'm at a loss, I have no idea what I'm doing, or how to
> make anything work once I get the game started to get things going in
> teh right direction, in short, I'm a newbie and completely lost, any
> help would be appriciated.

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